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Published on April 5th, 2011 | by mariatheresehollcraft


Book Club

So…..I’m thinking about forming a book club, here in the cloudy little village-town of Crookston, Minnesota…but not just ANY book club….I’m thinking novellas such as the one featured on the main page- The Wicked Lovely, etc, etc, etc.

I have noticed at my school that reading has become quite a fad…yet how often is reading a book associated with seclusion?

Quiet time is great- but lets celebrate it!

So anyways, I’m thinking about hosting a night (where, I’m not yet sure) some time in the near future, to celebrate the luxury and fun of being a bookworm.

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  1. mariatheresehollcraft says:

    will these be for sale outside of the contest? I NEED ONE!!!: 😀

  2. tinaellis says:

    I would love to join!! I live in Oregon but maybe could do an online or twitter party for it 🙂 It would be fun!!! I love discussing books with others.

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