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Published on April 25th, 2011 | by geeky


Fans of G4's "Ninja Warrior" can try the online game

I loved watching Ninja Warrior before my cable provider *cough* DirecTV *cough* dropped G4TV from its lineup. It’s a Japanese game show, in which contestants from all walks of life (from schoolgirls to gas station attendants to fishing boat captains) confront insanely diabolical obstacle courses. The victims are subjected to increasingly difficult courses, and sometimes NOBODY wins.


For most people who attempt the Ninja Warrior challenge, the quest for victory ends in humiliation. There have been some winners, one of whom is absolutely legendary (Makoto Nagano!), some tragic losers (the popular underdog who keeps trying, gets close to the end, and fails every time), and dozens of costumed goofballs. It’s VERY entertaining.


Well, I’ll probably never enter the Ninja Warrior arena, but I can enjoy the Ninja Warrior Game, complete with tricky obstacles and plenty of opportunities for humiliating failure.


I’ve tried it a few times, and I can’t get past the second obstacle. So I don’t know how it ends. If you get through the whole game, please let me know! Ninja Warrior! Banzai!

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