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Published on May 6th, 2011 | by evemadison


Hot + Nerd = Illogical?

It was recently mentioned on geeksaresexy.net that this video could perhaps be offensive to Nerd / Geek girls, but I don’t find the issue in it, do you? I was confused as to why some women would find it rather offensive while I’m just happy that it shows off that nerds can be sexy, so if we are, don’t put us down for being so! When I used to hide being a nerd I was just another hot girl that guys gawked about and wanted to sleep with, but when I embraced that Star Trek Star Wars, PS3, cosplayer part of me that I am, I became both more comfortable with who I was as a person and not just as a pretty face. Not only that, but everyone knows that Nerd boys are FAR better catches.
But I don’t really know what to make of this video, other than perhaps some of those women are definately NOT nerds, but whatever, props for trying ladies, but leave it to the professionals. Just cause you like Star Wars, dosn’t mean anything, how bout you tell me who shot first, then I’ll be impressed…


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  1. evemadison says:

    EXACTLY :3
    They had the same kind of debate over the “Geek and Gamer girls” music video with Seth Green. When its a not so hot girl being nerdy no one cares but as soon as she’s hot why does it seem so impossible?

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