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Published on May 22nd, 2011 | by evemadison


Untitled Nerd Rap

Ok, this is nerdy even for ME. But I am the booking manager and some what event coordinator for the Real Talk Sessions, a poetry group here in the Carrolinas and we had our second ever show on Friday. But as I was sitting listining to all the sad poetry and such I was getting… FRIGGIN DEPRESSED. No smiling or laughing, so I felt that we were in need of a rap, but as I started writing it, I realized it wasnt me, and wasnt who I was… so I added a few personal twists to it, and I’m so so proud of it that I felt this was just the perfect place to share it without feeling bad about my nerdyness. Enjoyz :3

Hi there, I bet you wanna meet her,

That little thing is me and I’ll be your cheerleader…

No, let me stomp the yard… wait, can I?

I’m feeling rather cocky like the dark side of a Jedi

I’m hard

I’m wack

I keep my words on track

Gimme bit of lip and I’ll give it right back

No one’s here to stop me, this Gagas hanging up the phone

I’ll have you so messed up like the dudes from Home Alone

But wait a minute there! Did I go too far?

Get out before I mess up your words like I did Jar Jar

Let me explain I’m a rhyme smuggler like Han

But if you step up, you’ll feel my wrath of Khan 

Is that fear I smell? Is that fear that your feeling?

Are my words cutting you to the point that your skin is peeling?

I can feel you shiver and your pulse is slowing down

I’m like Charlie Sheen with my rhymes don’t mess around

Like a TARDIS my throws are bigger on the inside

Why don’t you come over and play for the Dark side?

Oops wait wait

there goes your heart

looks like I stop it beating before it could start

Little white girl with my little white dress

Get little white girl out here before she looks a mess

I’m not your Leia I’m going solo

Don’t you know I wear prada not polo

When I feel browed, sure I feel blue

When I’m feeing old, no wait, I’m new!

Why do you look like you don’t know what to do?

When I make up a rhyme I make sense like Dr.Who

Yes bow down, at my feet cause your a tool

Now prepare your wand and get ready for a duel

I’ll be your Peach if your riding a white stead

Wanna be me my Ezio? Then I will be your creed

we’ll roll up to the con, top down with my daddy

I’ll step out in my slave, cause Vader don’t drive no caddy

I’m be right next him: dah dah dah dahdah~ [Side note: Imperial March tune]

And my daddy looks Stun-stun-stun-stunah

Only in all black would he be seen next to me

Unless theres a Solo, Spock or Bowie on Tatooiene 

but when it comes time, we own the charlotte street

look at my Batgirl, Elektra, Yuki riding in the back seat

This is my place at a comic convention,

You just got pwned by a nerd, or did I forget to mention?

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    I love it!!!! 🙂

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