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Published on August 11th, 2011 | by geeky


G33kGiRLz says GEEKS are AWESOME! Enter to win!

Hello, friends! To celebrate the recent remodel and relaunch of, we’re doing a giveaway! Have you been wishing you could snag one of those awesome t-shirts? Maybe you’ve been planning what to have stamped onto your own personalized dogtags? Could you use a free $10 iTunes gift card? Now’s your chance to get them for FREE!

Grand Prize (1): t-shirt AND Personalized G33kGiRLz dogtag necklace AND $10 iTunes gift card

Second Prize (1): Personalized G33kGiRLz dogtag necklace

Third Prize (1): t-shirt

How to enter: It’s easy! Just follow the instructions in the box at the end of this post. Complete the steps to claim all of your entries, and keep visiting to stay up to date on the great geek-girl world!

Don’t forget to share the awesomeness with your friends, by inviting them to join our G33kGiRLz club! Thanks for your support and participation! May the odds be ever in your favor, and may the force be with you! Cheers!

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Heather is a lifelong nerd who is passionate about geek culture. Current obsessions include Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Follow her on Twitter @geeky247 or Facebook Geeky 247.

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  1. Eve Madison says:

    What’s the best thing about being a geek girl?

    The absolute best BEST part about being a geek girl is the amazing people I get to meet while I’m out doing my geek thing. Going to events, my local Comicon, Dragon Con, Hero Con, Carolina Con, every possible Con out there! It’s amazing getting to meet other fans and meet other people just like myself. I could talk for hours and hours to another fan about who our favorite Doctor is or wither or not Han really shot first. I wouldn’t trade anything for all the friends I’ve made in being a geek girl. (Not to mention all the super cute Han Solo and 11th Doctor cosplay boys. ;D )

  2. So I’m trying out the commenting function for the giveaway! What’s the best thing about being a GEEK GIRL?

  3. Karyn Flores says:

    Hum the best thing about being a geek girl is beating the boys who think that video games are only meant for guys. Also its fun to hear them complain because they got beat by a girl. Also the competitiveness is awesome. That is the reason why being a geek girl is awesome

  4. jennifer says:

    the knowledge and enjoyment of all the different worlds we have access to… im not a gamer-type geek, lol, but i couldnt imagine not having all the books/ movies in my life that qualify me. i feel so bad for everyone else for everything theyre missing out!

  5. Sara says:

    The best thing about being a geek girl is that it’s everything I think girls should be. Geek girls read. Geek girls are intelligent. Geek girls are not ashamed to be who they are, and will fully let their geek flag fly. Geek girls show boys video games aren’t just for them, and occasionally pwn the boys so bad they go crying to their mamma. Geek girls wear whatever we want. It’s not necessarily about how much skin is showing, but about promoting what you love and letting other people know about it. Geek girls get creative, whether it’s baking Yoda shaped cookies, or knitting a binary scarf, or making a costume for the upcoming con. And as one of my favorite t-shirts says, “geeKISSexy” and you can’t deny with all this awesome going on geek girls are not hot in spite of being a geek but because of it.

  6. Claudia Squidopolis says:

    The best thing about being a geek girl is getting to nerd it out with other gamer girls and proving that gaming isn’t just for guys! Its fun meeting other female gamers who enjoy the same things I do, being a geek girl opens up opportunities to meet other people and just have fun 😀

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