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Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3

Hello, gamer girls! Many of us have been anxiously awaiting this fall’s releases of dueling shooters Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I don’t know what you look for in a FPS, but here are my first impressions when it comes to comparing the two games. I’m not writing a full review of each game. This is going to be short and sweet.

Single Player Campaign

The clear winner in the campaign department: Modern Warfare 3. Why? Battlefield 3‘s campaign is harder to play. The player name labels are hard to see, so friendly fire is a common problem. Also, the larger scope of the visual field makes small targets harder to see.

Modern Warfare 3 benefits from the proven graphics and gameplay interface developed in previous Call of Duty games. It’s easier to identify friendlies and enemies, clearer to navigate to objectives, and somehow the graphics are just easier on the eyes when it comes to making out what you’re supposed to be shooting.

Online Multiplayer

Winner: Battlefield 3! Why? Modern Warfare 3’s online multiplayer is good. It’s familiar, there are no real surprises. There is a new game mode (Kill Confirmed), but overall, it feels like Modern Warfare 2. There are some new guns/equipment and killstreak rewards, and the perks have been renamed, but it’s not different enough to get away from the same old annoying shenanigans (quickscoping, heartbeat sensors, etc.) that plague MW2. The maps are mostly urban, close-quarters combat, and there aren’t any drivable combat vehicles.

Battlefield 3 wins because its online multiplayer modes are different and innovative. The maps are much larger than those in MW3, and include tanks, jets, helicopters, boats, humvees, ATVs… The game is not just a huge FPS. It’s also a flight simulator and driving game.

Another excellent feature of Battlefield 3 is player specialization. Squad play means teamwork matters (as opposed to MW3’s  focus on the individual player’s kill-death and win-loss ratio). You don’t just get points for kills. You can be a medic or support specialist, and you get points for healing, reviving, resupplying, recon spotting, etc.

So have you played these games yet? What do you think?

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