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Published on February 19th, 2012 | by geeky


Mr. Sark at Machinima in my Skyrim hat!

I’m a big fan of the crew over at Machinima. I enjoy their gameplay and commentary videos. They’re fun! And the Respawn team of Mr. Sark, Hutch, and SeaNanners, get along like a little dysfunctional family, which gives rise to some entertaining episodes.

Lately, I’ve been playing quite a bit of Skyrim, and crocheting some Skyrim helmet beanies when I have time. I sent one to the Respawn guys, because they’ve played Skyrim and posted some videos about it, too. I thought they might like the hat. It has big horns on it, ear flaps, and I included a few quartz “soul gems.” [Yes, I’m selling these hats and you can get one at my etsy shop: Skyrim-inspired Iron Helmet]

Well, I was so surprised and thrilled when I got a heads-up mention in a Facebook comment from Sark. He said I should really watch this video:

At the very end of the video, he pulls the Skyrim hat I made out of his carry-on and puts it on! It’s so awesome! Yaaaay! I think he should wear it all the time. It looks great on him. 🙂

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