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Published on May 24th, 2012 | by geeky


Featured Geek: Vanessa Reynolds

Meet our Featured Geek, Vanessa Reynolds @gAMRgRL. Vanessa is a talented artist and developing game designer. She is studying video game design at Full Sail University, and already has an exciting portfolio of projects! Take a look at these examples of her work!

These are just amazing to me, because I don’t know anything about how games are designed or built. I can hardly draw a recognizable doodle on a napkin, much less begin to dream up or actually construct a digital environment. The colors, details, lighting, and function of these game elements are intricate, and must require a lot of planning and careful execution. Wow!

Besides being a student, Vanessa also paints some very vivid, bold, colorful pieces. Here is one of her paintings, an octopus. She’s a student, so buy her stuff! Visit her Etsy shop to see more!

I asked Vanessa to answer a few fun questions, so we could get to know her a bit more…

GG: What is the last book you read and enjoyed?
Vanessa: The last book I read and really enjoyed was The Lost Symbol. Such an amazing read. Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors.

GG: What phone app can’t you live without?
I cannot live without my twitter app. So many amazing things have come from twitter and I love staying connected as much as possible. The people I follow are like my second family.

GG: What is your favorite take-out food?
Favorite take out food will definitely have to be General Tso’s! I don’t get it often, though. That way it remains a favorite. 🙂

I’m so glad to be acquainted with Vanessa, and pleased to introduce her to our super geek girl community! Visit her sites and show her some love!

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