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Published on June 29th, 2012 | by geeky


Nathan Fillion = Perfect Man

Many a geek girl has a crush on space cowboy Captain Malcolm Reynolds, of the TV series “Firefly,” and follow-up movie “Serenity.” Well, here is an artistic representation of what you might guess is under the captain’s Browncoat and tightpants. Muscles, and a very nice… um, holster. Wink wink.

Nathan Fillion Perfect Man shirt

Nathan Fillion Perfect Man shirt

The story behind the design:

The original pen-and-ink drawing by da Vinci, completed in 1490, is based on the ideas of the ancient Roman architect, Marcus Vitruvius, who considered the symmetry of the ideal human figure to be a model for proportion in architectural design.

Taking da Vinci’s illustration, QMx Senior Designer Mohammad “Hawk” Haque has added the handsome face of Nathan Fillion.

The Nathan Fillion Perfect Man image has been approved by Nathan Fillion himself and is an officially licensed product.

You can own this beautiful drawing on a t-shirt or poster.

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