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Game of Thrones cast talks about Season 3

Season 3 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” starts March 31, and fans are gearing up for another epic journey to Westeros. Recently, the stars walked the red carpet and teased the upcoming season as the best so far. Watch the video and see what they had to say. Featuring Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Kit Harington, George Martin and others.

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Hear Me Roar - House Lannister Hear Me Roar – House Lannister

Official house moto “Hear me Roar!”, unofficial house moto “A Lannister always pays his debts”. Rich enough to bleed gold, and powerful enough to bleed you dry. The Lannisters are the sort of people you want on your side or at least want to stay on their good side. Lions are not to be taken lightly, even if it’s the littlest Lannister lion we’re talking about. Show your allegiance to Tywin Lannister like a boss! 100% cotton red colored t-shirt with a gold colored lion and Hear me Roar printed on the front.

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