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Rosanna Pansino, Featured Geek


Meet Rosanna Pansino, the talent behind “Nerdy Nummies,” one of the most popular cooking shows on the Internet!

We admire Ro’s spunky, joyful attitude and her awesomely nerdy contributions to the world. She took a few minutes from her busy day to chat with us, and give us a peek into what makes Ro tick. Get to know Ro!

GG: What’s your favorite take-out food?
Ro: Pizza! 🙂

GG: What’s the last book you read and enjoyed?
Ro: In general I enjoy stories about science fiction, cops, and fantasy worlds. Currently, I am reading A Feast for Crows. This is the fourth book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

GG: What’s in your Netflix queue?
Ro: Archer, Fringe, It’s Always Sunny, Arrested Development, The Walking Dead, Merlin, Law and Order: SVU.

GG: Which track on your iPod has the most listens?
Ro: I enjoy listening to everything. Depends on my mood but I don’t discriminate. 😉

GG: What phone app you can’t live without?
Ro: I definitely use lots of different apps for all my social media outlets, but Instagram is by far my favorite.

GG: What is your favorite movie quote?
Ro: Anything the character Ron Swanson from the show Parks and Recreation says makes me laugh. “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

Rosanna Pansino with cookieGG: What exciting projects do you have coming up?
Ro: In addition to Nerdy Nummies, I have been working as a co-creator of an animation series for the last year and a half. The animation series is 13 episodes long and is scheduled to come out at the end of July on YouTube, there will be more info soon!

I have also been working on a cookbook as well as going back to my musical theater roots to begin working on original music.

As for fun, I will be attending Blizzcon this year and look forward to the StarCraft tournament :). Definitely come say hi if any of you see me there!

We are so excited to see what Ro does next! THANK YOU FOR CHATTING WITH US, ROSANNA!

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Rosanna’s Background, In a Nutshell…
Rosanna “Ro” Pansino currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She became interested in the performing arts in high school, where she starred in the musical production of Grease as the lead character, Sandy.

After graduating with a degree in Communication and Business, Pansino created a small, geeky baking show called Nerdy Nummies. It rapidly became one of the most watched cooking shows on the internet, with over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. Currently receiving over 16 million views a month, her original baking series continues to grow.

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