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The Differences Between Geeks and Nerds


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I just read a new article on “the geek/nerd divide,” and I thought it was interesting. Read this quote, and then let me know whether you agree, and whether you consider yourself a geek, a nerd, or both.

“Nerds love knowledge for the sake of knowledge; geeks love knowledge for the sake of unapologetically making you feel stupid for not having the same level of knowledge as they do.”
Chris Pirillo

The author of this article is Frank Catalano, and he shares personal experiences from his own life as a nerd. He also includes several thought-provoking quotes from Twitter and Facebook users who offered their own definitions of “geek” and “nerd.”

The majority conclusion seems to be that geeks choose to participate in the culture, while nerds are born into it. As Catalano puts it, “Nerd is to tinker with tech; geek is to admire and acquire. Nerd is innate; geek is learned. But both are self-identified, associated with intelligence and along a continuum with frequent overlap…”

What do you think? Does it matter what we call ourselves? Is there a difference between geeks and nerds? Does the rest of the world even care?

"Geek vs Nerd" from

“Geek vs Nerd” from

Just a few things to think about. As always, I prefer to concentrate on the things we have in common, rather than make a big deal about things that separate us. But it’s still an interesting discussion.

Read the whole article here: The geek/nerd divide: This time, it’s personal

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