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Published on April 1st, 2014 | by geeky


Game of Thrones 3D Puzzle

So there’s just less than one week left until HBO’s new season of “Game of Thrones!” Huzzah! To pass the time, I’ve been re-watching last season’s episodes and reading “A Dance With Dragons.”

Perhaps you have a few extra hours that you need to fill with Throne-y goodness? Thinkgeek has just the thing! How about a multi-layered, multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of Westeros? Yes!
Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle
First, you build a 1000+ piece puzzle which is the land of Westeros. THEN, you build another 200+ piece puzzle ON TOP of the bigger one with even more detail (artistically representing the landscape based on the intro to HBO’s Game of Thrones series). And finally, you add a third layer of 3D miniature replicas of cities and castles plus flags and battle markers.

I love puzzles, and this seriously sounds like fun to me. I probably wouldn’t want to take it apart when it was finished, though.

You can grab this from Thinkgeek now for $59.99, and if you order by April 3, you get free US shipping with code PERN.

See all of their GoT stuff here: Game of Thrones

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