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Published on April 18th, 2014 | by geeky


Computer Mouse with Scorpion

Science lovers tend to enjoy unusual toys and gadgets. I was looking for something unique when I found this computer mouse with a real scorpion inside it. Yes, it exists! Would you use a mouse with a critter inside?

Sand Background Black Scorpion Computer Mouse

This is a USB 2-button mouse with a real scorpion inside the clear plastic. Scorpions are arachnids (not “bugs”), and range in size from 9mm to 20cm in length. I assume the scorpion in side this mouse is somewhere near the smaller end of that range.

I think this would make a perfect gift for an arachnid aficionado, or a gag gift for somebody who’s terrified of creepy crawlies. It’s up to you. [Get details at Gadgets and Gear]

Price: 29.99

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