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Darth Vader Blanket with Sleeves!

This is so awesome! If you’ve ever wanted to cosplay the iconic Darth Vader, but you also want to feel cozy, warm, and fuzzy, I’ve found the perfect solution!

It’s a fleece Darth Vader blanket with sleeves! This will be amazing for those long, dark, cold winter nights. When you’re feeling a bit chilly and Sith-ish, wrap yourself in your Vader blanket, stick your arms through the fleece sleeves, and pretend you’re in the warm embrace of your favorite furball or snuggle-buddy. You’ll be toasty warm in no time. Plus, your hands will be free for lightsaber battles or playing some Star Wars Battlefront!

Available now from Entertainment Earth. If you buy through this link, Geeky247 gets a small commission, which we appreciate very much!

Star Wars Darth Vader Fleece Blanket with …

You will feel the warmth of the Dark Side with this Star Wars fleece blanket! Featuring… [More]

Price: $26.99
Sale: $26.99

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