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How to: Five Jon Snow Costume Essentials

So, while Game of Thrones fans still debate over whether or not that thing that happened is really what happened… It’s a great time to start putting together your own Jon Snow costume.

Halloween is coming, and you don’t want to head out into the wild without the proper Night’s Watch attire.

Although the official Game of Thrones costumes are incredibly detailed and consist of many small parts, we’ve put together a simpler guide to building your own Jon Snow costume. If you have any of your own tips, please post a comment!

1. Black Cloak


The most important part of a Jon Snow costume is the black cloak, preferably made of a heavy material, with a furry collar. This black cloak is the iconic, identifying piece of clothing, worn by all of the Crows (men of the Night’s Watch).

Jon Snow’s cloak has changed a bit over the seasons, but depending on your personal style and budget, choose something black, and possibly ferociously hairy. This one is found here.

2. Messy, Curly Hair

jon snow hair

Speaking of “ferociously hairy,” Jon Snow is also known for his wild, curly black hair. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally crazy mid-length curly or wavy black hair, congratulations! Otherwise, look for a wig. The one in the picture is from here.

3. Big, Black Boots

jon snow boots
You can’t go tromping over the frozen North in regular shoes. Jon Snow wears big, black boots. You could probably get away with wearing black shoes and improvising a boot-top look. If you have some black boots, try wrapping them with some black faux leather, thick black ribbon, or black electrical tape. Or just buy some boots like these.

4. Shirt or Vest

jon snow shirts
Jon Snow doesn’t always wear his furry cloak. During training sessions or indoors, he can be seen in a leather shirt or jacket. Sometimes it laces in the front, and sometimes it appears smooth. You could probably get away with a black turtleneck if you’re on a tight budget. If you want something more authentic-looking, try this peasecod, found here.

5. Pants and Accessories

Since you will already have several layers on, go with some simple black trousers. They will be covered partially by the cloak, and tucked into the boots, so little of the fabric will show. Just go with something dark and not modern-looking.

jon snow sword longclaw

Jon Snow has a very special sword made from Valyrian steel, and customized with a carved white Direwolf at the handle. The sword is called Longclaw, and it was a gift to Jon from the “Old Bear,” Lord Commander Mormont. You can find a costume replica here.

Depending on the type of costume you need and what remains of your budget, you could also add:
– black gloves with cuffs
– an albino direwolf
– additional weaponry, such as a bow or knife
– sheath for sword

There you have it. Five essential pieces for creating your own DIY Jon Snow costume. If you have any other helpful hints, leave a comment. And if you have your own Jon Snow costume, please share a photo! We’d love to see how it looks!

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